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Lifestyle management: managing daily life

Do you realize how much valuable time do you waste on daily chores? How often do you give up spending time with your family or friends to deal with important official matters, pick up your laundry or go to the car wash? If you want to regain your free time and do what you really want, we present you with professional lifestyle management services provided in and around Wrocław. In order to meet your needs and expectations, a remote lifestyle manager is able to help you deal both with everyday and extraordinary matters. Our experienced, well-organized and always smiling concierge team will support you in meeting all the expectations and challenges posed by the modern world.

Why us?

Because time is the greatest asset for us.
We know perfectly well how to use it to enjoy life, discover the world, make dreams come true and fulfill your professional and private obligations.

Impossible to combine nowadays? Not for us.

Easiness was created out of love for life, with many years of experience in combining demanding work in corporations with equally dynamic personal and family life. The desire to develop skills and qualifications, passion for traveling, and active lifestyle was a challenge for us – and also an impulse to develop solutions you can use now.

Let Easiness enter your world, you will regain control of your time to start enjoying life to the fullest!

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What do you gain with us?

Easiness 1

More free time

for what’s the most important to you!

Easiness 2

Access to the best offers, events

and attractions, including the unique ones.

Easiness 3

Reducing costs and responsibilities,

comfort and relaxation that you deserve.

Easiness 4

The highest quality of customer service

tailored to your needs.

Easiness 5

Professional support

in private and professional tasks.

Easiness 6

Comprehensive time management,

saving you a lot of time!

We gained trust of


Concierge service – Wrocław

The comprehensive concierge service created by our company is a remedy to a heavy workload and fatigue, one of the biggest problems of society nowadays. This type of service is nothing more than a kind soul supporting you in completing everyday household or company tasks.

A virtual concierge as a personal assistant can take care of many different duties, relieving you of some of your responsibilities.


Life is too short to waste time for chores

Life is too short to waste time for chores

It's easy to say, but is it possible to reduce the amount of time spent on daily duties without neglecting work and private life? After all, these chores are a staple and permanent fixture of our life and sooner or later we simply have to carry them out. The more we...

A unique benefit tailored to the needs of employees during a pandemic

A unique benefit tailored to the needs of employees during a pandemic

The pandemic has turned our lives and the way companies work upside down. Our needs and expectations have also changed, including those towards employers, as well as the forms of rewarding them for loyalty and commitment. Benefits that were popular some time ago...

Pre-christmas tasks a remote assistant can give you a hand with

Pre-christmas tasks a remote assistant can give you a hand with

Christmas is coming! So is the crazy and stressful period of pre-Christmas preparations, shopping and frenzy, even more demanding during a pandemic. This year selecting a Christmas tree and searching for a perfect gift for the nearest and dearest takes place on...

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